“Anoles Are Aggressive*”

(May 6, 2019)

anoles big dragons

writ very little posture

on warm may sidewalks

*(Must be early mating season: a pair of males circle each other on the just-warming sidewalk before the library – no dewflap displays just gape-jawed invitations to the danse macabre. The surprise circler, the smaller of the two, hops aboard briefly to establish dominance and off scurries the larger. Both boys still have their full tales, perhaps proving discretion and ease of withdrawal (or pursuit) since it remains by my in-head calendar still too early for The Ladies to appear with Tango on their minds. It’s been nerly a full year since one female decided my bare arch was suitable for a resting spot right by my garden – by Summer’s end that little beastie had bred but still showed up when I sat to read after a nice weeding sweat. She would climb ticklingly up my hairy shin and race up my teeshirted-chest, or sometimes the reverse, leaping off a lower branch on the bottlebrush bushtree and see if I still remembered how to swat flies and hand-feed. All this a reminder to find a suitable present(s) for your own Mom’s Day Affair.)

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