“Lurking The Library”

(May 2, 2019)

racing today’s storms

library lurking ‘midst-blow’

got books yesterday*

*(I had five books to pick up at the ‘berry, but I had another stop for comistibles, et al., and wanted to preserve cart space. However I had more time to spend at la biblioteca today and made a compromise: get books now and not worry about a Tuesday soaking and leave the former laundry cart to rest up for a weekend wash, storms permitting. Whilst waiting for the library here in Sanford, Florida, to open angles peed whispishly at me while I enjoyed Magnolia Square’s quiet and clean (thank you, Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe employees for adopting the park) and said between my ears: “my, what a clever boy you are – again – J. Now you can go gleefully back uptown missing nary a pond in the dented brick streets en route. Hey! At least it’s not the muddy pond on a dirt road I’m tromping through as I did in earlier incarnations – and not just in elementary school, but my whole life. A devoted puddle-stomper, I and expect so to remain! I did think to add my beach footwear inside a plastic bag – into which I will throw the trusty sneaks should rain occur: I may be crazy but not stupid? Okay, some doubt remains on the previous statement.)

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