“‘Twas Once A Young Dame”

(April 26, 2019)

’twas once a young dame

who did the breast-bare to test

and i must agree:

neither side’s boobs are for sex

and, thusly, not indecent!*

*(A Daytona Beach belle once bared her breasts along Atlantic Avenue – to media delights and blue-nosed out-of-jointedness who proclaimed those mam,aries – same as for men shirtless all spring, summer, fall and most winter – are not covered under indecent exposure sexual organ statutes. A chill bikeweek wind, as I seem to recall, wrote ‘moot’ to the argument. Then some reporter-person looked up federal code and found ‘nother stunner: without purient intent or action nothing prohibits nakedness on federal property. Should get some Democrat bluenoses off their support of federal control of American land in excess of scientific, military or quasi-military reasons, no? Buncha nekkid hippies of all ages out parading around Federal parks and Wild West Wide Open spaces? At least when apoplexy subsides, the ‘lectronic visual press will find a way to blur the boobs and other bobbles. No?”

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