“Oh, That Climate. Change!”

(April 29, 2019)

Oh, That! climate change

I wash skivvies once monthly,

frankly, my Neal!*

*(Neal Franks, former weather guru had some caustic things to say about the new religion of Climate Change – and I have some things to say about any self-appointing religion using my government, and getting help from The World Government (UN) to boot digging into private pockets to promote bovine feces “science.” Good evidence on the horizon if not already apparent that the falling sunspot cycle pressages a “global cooling” period and if that’s the case I guess we Floridians can return our blow-up rubber duckie floatation rings back in the hall closet’s top shelf and go on hunt for the wool sockies and such. John Casey’s two books on the coming – already here? – global cooling period are worth looking up. Casey’s “Dark Winter” predicts a mini-iceage and not global warming, and his follow-on book “Upheaval” points to vulcanism and earthquakes appearing more frequently as set off by statistical evidence of seismic activity increases during sun spot minimums.)

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