“The Dog Stared”*

(April 21, 2019)

the dog, like a big

flop-eared wooly beast, lay down,

stared blandly at me

*(The Dog, “Time” torments and teases Scribe, though they both have an affinity for cut wedg-slices of Red Delicious apples and prised chunks of Americanized (annato-colored) Cheddar cheese and head rubs, though Time often substitutes teeth as he winnows through Scribes scruffy head-covering, seeking what he never shows nor shares. Their existence, purely mythical, is abut to undergo drastic changes. The Further adventures of Time tugging Scribe Through Existence perhaps will be told infrequently at best as the author relents and flings spanners into the works random and gleeful. The first two half-episodes of what the author is pleased to call “Time’s Travails” herein begin: the first half, the haiku “The Dog Stared” is complemented by the tanka 2320. Notice, the author has not cheapened an already threadbare device by allowing any truth whatsoever approaching verisimilitude to enter the vignette.)

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