I’ve seen you with wave and lariat: remember, Juice the eternal Meatloaf Mantra: Two out of Three Ain’t Bad! But I am basing the latter lasso on a decades-old condition which time and smaller surf may have ameliorated. Grandchildren are useful items, I have observed. Especially when they undertake the task of “raising” their own “grands.” Like the teacher-pupil conundrum: which gets the most benefit? Ran into a young (40ish) lady who found her Korean Ware-era Army vet’s dad, whose daughter is a junior at Florida State majoring in creative writing. The mom found in dad’s box of letters a copper-coated .999 assay (gold or silver? I suggested first an internet search then a reputable numismatist and if proves necessary a fiduciary adviser: Lady said she wants to give the coin to her daughter. I suggested getting a VA copy of her dad’s SRB and copy the letters and any further memories/reminiscences for both her and her daughter with an eye to producing a looking back-looking forward treatise, short or long story with citations possibly for the upcoming senior year’s writing project. Why serendip keeps intruding on my tranquil trudge goes beyond me. The guy overhearing our first conversation and her showing me the Lady Liberty Silver Dollar sized-1933 (but no mint mark) coil added, thirstily, “That sure is a lot of money.” What a movie. I know, apropos of nothing whatsoever: just thought you needed a break from scooping up all that chipped ice. Be well, brother Bruce. J

Cat Nap Revue

raising a grandkid
carving ice in the desert
lassoing a wave

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