“Take Wise Counsel Here”*

(April 6, 2019)

facing the long night

wise one: take counsel right there

your death never lies

*(Despite being muchly debunked Carlos Castenata’s series of “Anthropological” studies starting with “The Teachings Of Don Juan, A Yaqui Way of Knowledge” which earned the author sums of money and a PhD, one truism I found relevant from just about all his books: When you are confronted by fear, take counsel of your death – it never will lie to you. Much the same could be found in a fiction entitled “Dune.” by Frank Herbert, one of my alltime favorite Science-Fiction (Speculative Fiction I prefer in his case) authors. Herbert’s exposition on fear and the mantra concerning its passage was worth the price of admission. Drill Instructors at Parris Island had a much more earthy remedy for timidity. They to a man acknowledged fear: but they counseled Use Your Fear. Master it as you master your rifle. Fear is a tool if you use it and a force if you let it use you. The purpose of this place is not to tell you how to die for your country, but how to make the otehr guy die for his. – I cleaned up that last mini-sermon just a tad.)

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