“Book-Racin’ A Great Game”

“March 28, 2019)

call it book racin’*

fall in and throw a word-wake

world no longer is

*(When I found out the junior high school at which I was sentenced early in the century’s sixth decade I escaped music class by claiming I needed help reading. I got help. Instead of a mere 250 words-per-minute with a miserly 75-percent retention rate I left eighth grade puttering along near 600 wpm with a retention rate broaching 90th percentile’s rare waters. Then I found a speed reading paperback in Mister Fannin’s classrom bookshelf and asked if I could take it home…”that’s what they’re there for, J,” the kindly teacher who saw through my sham at first glance when I took the introductory test. I later found a tattered used copy of the same book – and when I go ‘brary-diving later this year mayhap I will find it again amidst the several thousand friends boxed or shelved in a way-out-back storage room. Then I gladly will share the title for any other young lad or lass who needs to escape a scrape with music…so much like math. I confess right here and now I am so much better at after-math!)

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