“Table Matters”

(March 25, 2019)

Be ‘ware of easy

of any kind, even salt*

and of course people

*(Often-times you find additives to table salt – added to make pouring easier. SayWhat? Lessen you got old wounds needing refreshing-ment, who pour salt easy? ‘Sposed to be bad for you that much salt, neh? Then, why do our major mass market media continue to try to get everyone pouring salt on old fake wounds? Beats me. Musta been someting encoded in J-School DNA. I made the mistake of studying journalism once upon a time but I did take advantage of a free-rein on any other courses that caught my eye: grad-school grammer was one example of a course not crossed, but still intrigues. Psychology of Women sewed more confusion than it repaired; Agrarian Myth was like studying the wrong way to read history…and so on.)

2 thoughts on ““Table Matters”

    • Thass why I choose Kosher salt in a cellar: a small finger-pinch suffices at stove and a smaller share at plate for the salty crunch. Though I do pray at Lime’s Pew quite often vice the Timbukbu’s reward. Sometimes I imagine tasting camel on the tongue after a swipe of salary – Rome’s regal reward in payment of services (usually militarily) rendered is found resting on some buttered popcorn. But, Yassy, dearest lady: the butter was, is and almost always remains unsalted thus necessitating its rapid consumption…and then a long walk through the woods or a shovel in the Spring or Fall garden to work off the caloric debt. Love the little ditty. Is “ware” a pun? I know not what ill-health unbenefits accrue from the noble vine’s weathered progeny, though it has been shouted Pink Peppercorns, like Sechuan (Szechuan?) peppers really aren’t true peppers and the pink – from Brazil – if of a different genus/species could be harmful if not deadly. Whyst give me buds of taste with salt predominate if I canna lap at the sea…’sides, salt a wonderful curative not just for meats and produce but also cuts the cramps in o’erworked back, shoulder, arm and leg muscles when out-sweated by continuous hard labor? But I protest merely because this trained bear happens to like bouncing atop roller-balls.

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