“Sanford Gentrifies”

(March 25, 2019)

sanford gentrifies

amidst rush to citify

where’s a bum go rest?

At an earlier Sanford, Florida, USA monthly event called Alive After 5, all generatons take a turn on downtown’s First Street brick-paced “dancefloor.” The first of its kind in Central Florida, the Second Thursday monthly fest has spawned rashes of like-minded communities all ’round. The formerly “depressed” town in which I grew up is in the midst of a revival. The new bricks pictured above represent perhaps the earliest phase of the town’s citification and resultant gentrification, especially one block East on Sanford Avenue which in the latter stages of the 19th Century was downtown’s prime location, splitting “white” and “black” communities in the 20th go-round of hundred-year markoffs. Now, Sanford Avenue’s rebirth brings a new spirit of community and adventure and has drawn – and not just that one street but throughout North Seminole County – more and more younger and more entrepreneurial. But, we ancients still got our kicks and are willing to inculcate a pioneer spirit we learned at the feet of those who came to this town on Lake Monroe when only hope, hard work and harder times seemed on the horizon.

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  1. Actually, all the photos but one are copyright (c) J Kirk Richards. That photo was taken by – perhaps Tom Rock or some other kind soul – chance and emailed to me as I danced with the lovely and vivacious Susanna Wright of Geneva and other fame and infamy depending on your governmental associations as we danced the blues at The Alley Blues Bar. All other photos were taken by me from my various albums on Facebook at richwrapper or uploaded directly to WP.


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