“First, Got Me ‘Unwrecked'” V2

(March 24, 2019)

first, got me unwrecked:

a good way to start the day,

or even a life!

(With the loss of a dear friend just before, a constant and nagging cold, and a universe of woe peeking over the hedges, I was looking up to find the ladder leading up to the gutter when this got scribbled, and so I changed “way” to cry in the first version. ‘Bye, Jay, you will be missed by many, even though one retard who owns The Herald had to go out of his way to say something most shitty to me about you – in public – and all I wanted to do was hurt one of my already-hurt hands so in betterance of your memory I abjured. Those of us who know – knew – you and loved you probably could have guessed the guy’s need for insensitive ire and his need to lash out – again – but I prefer to recall the Jay Stokes who picked himself up, dusted off his tarnished reputation and began again, this time making himself, his family and his world a better place. Rest well, my friend.)

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