“Count Triple-Nickles”

(March 24, 2019)

count the ‘triple nickles’

centuries you go this*past week

and the pages wrote

*(you got me! but to be precise, perhaps delete either “this” or “past” in the second line. Think it’s about a new author-signed book about Enterprise – town across Lake Monroe in Volusia County – about how a small community rallied to tell two larger towns “no thanks” to condominiums on their patch of waterfront, indian midden, wetlands and an historic house whose ties to an earlier time – when what would become the United Methodists Children’s Home had been a hunting and fishing lodge at the end of a long train ride or steamboat passage at the beginning of the 20th Century. And earlier. Enterprise and Sanford dueled for a time to be the county seats of several counties, the first of which was Mosquito, later Orange and then Volusia and Seminole Counties, and in some ways both lost out to larger and more powerful and prestigeous places. I promise here and – well, maybe now, but at least soonerishly – to bring in the book for a full review. It’s a REAL community activists workbook well written and scattered with names familiar on both sides of The St. Johns River and Lake Monroe.)

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