“What Could Happen?”

(March 21, 2019)

Larry Elder* talks:

‘There’s two things – and both are bad –

I could win…or lose!

*(Salem radio network Libertarian talk show host Larry Elder’s comment that when he gets into a “discussion” with someone there are two things which could happen. And both are bad. “I could win or I could lose.” I know the feeling. I learned the lesson about “Expectations” from Ohio State University’s legendary football coach Woody Hayes and I adapted the last part of that in my own thoughtful, careful way. Woody used to say of a pass of any kind in a football game: “there are four things that can happen when you pass the ball – completion, interception, incompletion (Damn! I thought he said four!) and three (guess I gotta change that to two) of ’em are bad!” Well, now I’ve really done it: and I’m not gonna change just to fit The Coach’s formula. What I say about both the mail and the telephone is this: Of the four things that could happen when you open mail or answer the phone FIVE of them are BAD!)

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