“What Could Happen?”

(March 21, 2019)

Larry Elder* talks:

‘There’s two things – and both are bad –

I could win…or lose!

*(Salem radio network Libertarian talk show host Larry Elder’s comment that when he gets into a “discussion” with someone there are two things which could happen. And both are bad. “I could win or I could lose.” I know the feeling. I learned the lesson about “Expectations” from Ohio State University’s legendary football coach Woody Hayes and I adapted the last part of that in my own thoughtful, careful way. Woody used to say of a pass of any kind in a football game: “there are four things that can happen when you pass the ball – completion, interception, incompletion (Damn! I thought he said four!) and three (guess I gotta change that to two) of ’em are bad!” Well, now I’ve really done it: and I’m not gonna change just to fit The Coach’s formula. What I say about both the mail and the telephone is this: Of the four things that could happen when you open mail or answer the phone FIVE of them are BAD!)

“The Normalization Of Vulgarity”*

(March 21, 2019)


of vulgarity not new

but it is gaining!

*(Now a five-years-worth former Active Duty U. S. Marine who came from the loins of a career U.S. Navy aviation motor machinist’s mate-turned retired Aviation Ordnance (and, yest that means nukes and thermonukes) Chief you’d figure Blue Language was in my blood. And you’d be right. And, “Shut The Front Door!” euphemisms and WTF acronymization do not jar my tender sensibilities. But when they appear on popular mass-market broadcast electronic over-the-air advertising, well, momma, I’ve come home to die! My hair purple, put a finger-bone through my septum and get a gobgolly big-butted double-headed barbell midway up my wagging tongue! Late nite TV used to be genteel, even when a mite off-color by innuendo at least. But now? Fornication’s favorite byword bouncing off my bedroom walls coming from a telly or a radio – and it’s not off a cable or over an internet connection but by Federal Communications Commission-approved licensed airwaves modifier goes beyond the pale. This is nothing new. TV and ‘dio just are copying what anyone can hear coming from the mouths of teens – hell! pre-teens – who practice distaff-topia and not just the ‘baccy-chawin’ boys out to make up for lack of mental muscle. And that happened to me, a combat-wounded Marine Corps Sergeant just out of the hospital to go visit a buddy and his parents upon my return to semblance of sanity. Shocked spitless (my euphemism) could not cover my surprise. That was near 50 years ago. Language has progressed – some might say differently-directed – since. But when you hear a phrase that used to mean one or two things turned into a car-selling spiel that takes more than just a get-used-to-it. No wonder so many ummms and ahhhs and eweknows get passed off as not just politespeech, and not just from kids but from – and here it comes, guys and gals so plug yer ear-holes, okay – one of your more beloved most-recent Presidents of These Hear New Knighted Shakes Alive! Wonder what his two gals got to say ’bout that?)

“Multi-Tasking Taken To Task*”

(March 21, 2019)

try multi-tasking:

a method to miss best parts*

of many things at once!

*(“Two – or more things – all at once” an alternate final line with too many beats! Also, “best parts” not empirically verified by competent authority. An earlier version of the above was posted to the blog, Commentary, Outrages, … mostly because I thought this was a prose piece and by stubborn ignorance continued walking that particular path. My culpas cup is all out of meas. Sorry.)