“Makes Sense To Me”

(March 12, 2019)

carry shallow pool

with me to supple my toes

short conver-sayings*

*(An unused storage tub which serves sometimes triple-duty to haul and store rescued gopherus polyphemus (gopher tortoise) serves as a foot-washing font at the front steps to attempt – usually with little success – keeping the interior as free of garden soil as can be managed. Oft-times a garden hose coiled in the afternoon sun beside a screen of blue-tip palmetto and Florida native “sleeping” hibiscus makes a handy-dandy outside shower screen…if I were adroit, mentally, enough to remember to wear swim trunks instead of my usual gardening shorts, which often double for everyday usage as well. Wash cloth and soap dish hide in a below-board drawer in the disused kitched wine-rack cabinet. Towels also serve as fourth-side screen and another semi-permanent set of stainless baskets-in similar setting serve as racks for drying tee shirts and other wet items. No tracked mud into the house as the former “turtle” house does for final-wash duty. I have enough to slob with inside. Stacks of books cringe as they wait their turn for my eyes’ attentions. Which reminds: must bring with me next time a copy of The Orlando Sentinel’s First Section, including the Sunday editorials for a critique and shove afterward in a handy recycle bin though I hate the idea of all that innocent recyclables being contaminated with what passes for news but masquerades more as “their” opinion of what “they” think passes as news. About the editorials written for or by staff the less said. Gentle and impressionable eyes need not the caustic commentary such evokes. Originally, I had thought to make the toting-pool serve secondary use as an ankle baptismal on my oft perambulatory excursions, but attaching wheels, pull-rope and necessary signage not to mention railings and other hand-holds make the notion a non sequitur, visually, no? The gopher tortoises do not seem to mind second-shrift.)

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