“Hero Rentals Here*”

(March 12, 2019)

hero rentals here

a thrived business oneday past

most tatters still kempt

*(Having absolutely little-to-nothing to do with the above but by inspiration: I went on a Lark-gathering mission after finding Loquats (Japanese Plums) just screaming to be plucked and de-juiced this morning before my walk downtown. I had to stop near 11th street at another loquat tree and inquire as to its tart-to-sweet ratio and was rewarded with both and a need to scribble the above.) I have been spreading seeds (getcherminds back up to the gutter guys!) throughout Sanford and much of the rest of Central and South Florida for some several decades now. One day I shall pluck enough to make a jam but for the nonce I prefer to keep my whiskered chin well lubricated…’sides, it forces extra washings and according to deceased moms everwhere how can that be bad?)

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