“Gotta Remember The Rice Flour!”

(March 12, 2019)

make rice flour* today

to prep for weekend cold front

with homemade waffles

*(Rice flour is easy and cheap, unless you buy it pre-ground at some grocery store. Take a scoop of white enriched rice – a cup is too much if you only are making three or four sheets of real waffles, not those Belgian abominations which take up too much (how can I say that? It’s akin to heresy!) butter and soak a forest of real Grade B 100 percent dark maple syrup enough to impoverish a dozen mes – and toss into a blender and whirl away until but a soft powder remains. Add to your usual All Purpose unbleached flour, a scant bit of salt, a sloppy half-cup of buckwheat flour if you have any or can make same similarly to the rice flour, and you have something worthy of separated eggs and milk to whip up before the night’s repose and with the addition of baking powder and a threat of baking soda an hour before putting into a real American waffle grill, each of which four quarters of light, fluffy-browned perfectly squares will fill a normal plate at breakfast (where you already have placed the requisite several rashers of thick maple-syrup-dunked roasted bacon and several handy spicy sausage patties – can’t let the healthy breakfast people win all the awards all the time, can we?) and just pour a 16-ounce mug of ice-cold real milk. Brush some melted butter across the gridiron and pour the first waffle. Expect it to be The Runt of The Litter. Also least-perfectly colored. It’s a trick mom never quite mastered: her’s came out perfectly from the start. Poor lass. Gorge. Did you remember to have the two halves of Duncan grapefruit appetizer? Good Boy. Now, go out and dig up the Spring garden with shovel, rake and pitchfork. Let the machinery rest. After, of course, demolishing at least three more quarter-sections of waffle plus accouterments. You’ve earned all the sweat. You can first let the next three or four slabs of four-section waffles cool on a wire rack before wrapping in wax paper, inserting in a gallon-size plastic freezer bag and letting rest up in the fridge (and later freezing the remainder) for the toaster reaheating and the Chilean blueberries and ice cream you want for late lunch…with, of course, more maple!)

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