2300 two Haiku

Bruce Jewett’s entry in “Failed Haiku” edited by Michael Rehling from the March, 2019 issue. The last is a jewel of “Juice’s” unfailed humor.

Cat Nap Revue


for posterity
my leather bound poetry
the toddler pukes on

my elderly aunt
updates me on every ache
winter and I bring

– from Failed, edited by Michael Rehling,
March, 2019

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“Daytona Pub Crawl Been Done Before!”

(March 12, 2019)

knees already scraped

from usual Daytona

Bike Week. Gets a pass!

*(Years – okay, Decades! – ago I was a dedicated bike week – hell, the other 50-some weeks as well – pub-crawler. I even would flee the “halftime” intermission when The Band (London Symphony Orchestra) would play Daytona Beach every other year – since my senior year in high school – and cop a quick slash of something liquid at Froggys. whose back door was in perfect alignment with the players break room’s back door at The Peabody Auditorium. Get three more shots – one for me and two for some buds int he percussion section – they howled in glee when they first heard me refer to the LSO as “a pretty good band.” Always wore a tux the opening night; got a room at the now changed Adam’s Mark hotel on the beach, opposite the Peabody and just a block from Main street. My real pub crawling days were much earlier, lasted longer, and wore out a lot of decent duds. San Francisco, Honolulu, DaNang, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, D.C., three New York City boroughs – The Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn – Tampa, St. Pete, Titusville and, of course, Orlando. Yes. Sanford’s seen me with bloody knees and wobbly eyes. Not proud of any of it, especially the parts I remember still. Now, thank age and a great big hand to God, it takes but two ounces of hootch, two beers or eight ounces of wine to get me where I want to go…three of such servings yields a headache and no knee-crawling, porcelain-hugging memories.)