“Death A Growth Industry”

(March 7, 2019)

death growth industry

for the next third-century*

’till last ‘boomers’ die

*(Figuring the last of the Baby Boomers of 1964, continue the practice of over-eating, under-exercising, and all the other maladies their earlier siblings saw-and-copied from mom-n-dad, a paltry 70-year span suggest we have 30 more years of us boomers continuing to grouse and bitch…but wait! The last few years have a saddening trend of healthier and happier habits and lifestyles not to mention all those neat doo-dads and doo-hickeys modern medicine has and is cooking up to continue the docs’ abilities to tap into those insurance policies…that is so long as they remain in private hands. Maybe 50 more years of Boomers voting themselves into offices and onto guaranteed benefits lines and their kids and grandkids’ inherit the leins on the last gasping breaths of a generation spawned after Greatness Prevailed. Might make an interesting comedy movie, no?)

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