“At Just Whose* Behest?”

(March 7, 2019)

heffalumps line up up

nose-to-tail for yesteryoung

parking where they will

*(Gramatical quandary: who’s or whose? Forgot My Funk&Friend. As to ‘heffalumps’ did you never read Winnie The Pooh? I did not, but did star in the made-for-kindergarteners-through-second-graders oral interpretation presentation of the beloved stories whilst a sophomore in college. Without props holding the attention of those tykes was easier than first feared: works if you got a proven script and an audience wanting outside on any excuse. But this is another damn cars causing conflict and confusion by parking on both sides of a too-narrow sidestreet leading to a school with unfettered access to this longest span of buildings with but a sidewalk and some raised curbing opposite on the lateral road and arterial roads inviting despite mail boxes, driveways and walkways and over-hanging shrubs obscuring vision and the visible evidence that Sterling Moss and Dale Earnhardt all are behind the racing-wheel. Heffalumps would have more sense than to show up at Sanford Middle School and prefer instead the relative sanity of Pinecrest Elementary where only horrid things happen occasionally.)

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