Newly acquired follow – Pride Mwanema, songwriter/singer/rapper and graphic artist. His “Respect” logo more than suggests competence. His compilation on originality more than matches that assessment.

Pride Mwanema

Nothing is original, snatch like an artist. A good artist understands that nothing comes from nowhere. In addition, I’m a graphic designer, when designing a book cover or invitation cards or posters, I steal steal ideas from professional designers around the world. I will mix all their ideas and come up with a different solution.

When you look at the world this way, you stop worrying about what is “good” and what is bad, there is stuff worth snatching and stuff not worth snatching. Everything under the sun is up for grabs. If you don’t find something worth snatching from other artist, now, you will find it worth snatching later or tomorrow, or a month or maybe a year from now.

“Art is theft” –Pablo Picasso

“The only art I will ever study is stuff that i can steal from” –David Bowie

At start, I found this idea depressing…

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“At Just Whose* Behest?”

(March 7, 2019)

heffalumps line up up

nose-to-tail for yesteryoung

parking where they will

*(Gramatical quandary: who’s or whose? Forgot My Funk&Friend. As to ‘heffalumps’ did you never read Winnie The Pooh? I did not, but did star in the made-for-kindergarteners-through-second-graders oral interpretation presentation of the beloved stories whilst a sophomore in college. Without props holding the attention of those tykes was easier than first feared: works if you got a proven script and an audience wanting outside on any excuse. But this is another damn cars causing conflict and confusion by parking on both sides of a too-narrow sidestreet leading to a school with unfettered access to this longest span of buildings with but a sidewalk and some raised curbing opposite on the lateral road and arterial roads inviting despite mail boxes, driveways and walkways and over-hanging shrubs obscuring vision and the visible evidence that Sterling Moss and Dale Earnhardt all are behind the racing-wheel. Heffalumps would have more sense than to show up at Sanford Middle School and prefer instead the relative sanity of Pinecrest Elementary where only horrid things happen occasionally.)

“Death A Growth Industry”

(March 7, 2019)

death growth industry

for the next third-century*

’till last ‘boomers’ die

*(Figuring the last of the Baby Boomers of 1964, continue the practice of over-eating, under-exercising, and all the other maladies their earlier siblings saw-and-copied from mom-n-dad, a paltry 70-year span suggest we have 30 more years of us boomers continuing to grouse and bitch…but wait! The last few years have a saddening trend of healthier and happier habits and lifestyles not to mention all those neat doo-dads and doo-hickeys modern medicine has and is cooking up to continue the docs’ abilities to tap into those insurance policies…that is so long as they remain in private hands. Maybe 50 more years of Boomers voting themselves into offices and onto guaranteed benefits lines and their kids and grandkids’ inherit the leins on the last gasping breaths of a generation spawned after Greatness Prevailed. Might make an interesting comedy movie, no?)

“Got The Rushes?”

(March 7, 2019)


again like surf’s edge shorebirds

school-cars* not so smart!

*(The rush to pick up privileged progeny on sidestreets flanking public – and perhaps even private – schools shove industrial-strength statistics as no longer are the schoolbusdriver scofflaws the real danger for rushing-for-placement in line ignoring sidewalks, driveways and sometimes, yes, even lackadaisical inattentive students sauntering, sprinting or sprawling en route down the street with cruel competition from sheet metal or hard plastic as emergency-room – at a hoped-for best vice the other obvious destination – fodder for an old man’s fears ratchet up as enthusiasms run amok and go agog for getting to the next stop so quickly you save, what? – a few fractional half-minutes? Pray one sixth grader unused to crossing crowded streets does not dart from behind an obscuring SUV into the pass of a gotta-get-out-now other SUV. Or, worse, a bicycle hitting a small rock and tumbling a rider before a too-soon-to-stop car or bus. And there’s often but one cop on duty, and he or she is not protecting unguarded schools from terrorists but making impossible spaghetti-getting out of designed-for-teacher-parking-spaces instead of privileged-student-exiting-spaces/ In my own area of expertise – Sanford Middle School at 18th Street and U.S. Highway 17-92 (four-laned French Avenue) in Sanford, Florida, USA, there exists a perfectly adorable multi-acre parking lot patrolled at its crosswalk to the school by whistle-toting, stop-flag-sign waving crossing guards with cops in traffic-control mode conveniently hiding behind the drive-through bank’s dark hedges to catch flashing slow-speed scofflaws…unless they, too, like the school safety officer are called out on a different and immediate mission. This is the perfect place for a multi-million dollar walk-over viaduct affair. Then those who insist on cluttering at least three adjacent streets to the school’s homeowners’ driveways, sidewalks and sundry useful impediments, such as, say, garbage twice weekly and recycle one weekly removal days not to mention mail or, pray heaven forbid, especially in my growing more ancient by-the-day all-aged-out whitehairs need for occasional fire and rescue which sometimes finds cars and trucks lodged on both sides of the street! Help!)

“Our Last Canadian Convert*”

(March 7, 2019)

Canadian quizz

master wants to beat cancer

answer as question

*(I believe Alex Trebek has acquired American citizenship, though he still rightly proclaims is Maple Leaf heritage. I still shake my “Newfie” three-year stay at Placentia and later Argentia, Newfoundland (pronounce each as three separate words New Found Land), Canada, as part of my own heritage. I long have been a fan of the Jeopardy game’s second-ever host, even without his moustache! To her he has stage four Pancreatic Cancer just devastates! You are added to the official J Richards pray-list, Alex. Not only do Jeopardy fans what you to win this fight; the fans of scholastic Geography Bee in D.C. does too.)

“Economies Of Scale”

(March 7, 2019)

scaled economies

like america absorb*

what small places can’t

*(What goes on one-half of Hispaniola devastates a whole population and what calamity befalls an equal-sized area or population in America, though similar in natural magnitudes differ markedly in local response and aid. Though I am no fan at all of shipping free lunch to dictators who redirect largess from its intended populate to keep a military/police state fed and clothed I have to agree with commentarians like Larry Elder and Sebastian Gorka among others that the children with little or no food and bad water are not at fault and thus applaud private relief efforts such as “Feed The Poor” which sends food for families free from governmental interference either here or abroad, but provide clean well-water sources as well, both in Haiti and Guatemala most notably. That organization takes no government funds and provides relief and remains in Haiti despite corruption and conflict. Charity used to be the domain of individuals, churches and communities, reacting privately to need; now, however, governments get in the way at both ends and the works are well gummed with rules, regulations and sticky fingers throughout the process. But there are hungry kids…Talk about a lesson in humility. If you find it in your heart to help, research the charities which fit your personal requirements and tell the taxman to keep his grubbies out of your gift bag.)