“Sirracha Ribs”

(March 4, 2019)

sirracha ribs, chops

nothin’ beats white-bread for ribs

smoke-roast fall-off bones*

*(The last half of the last slab, sloshed in tangy and hot sauce, demand a whitebread “sammich” to soak up the sauce and crunchbits, just like the no-longer ubiquitous streetcorner smokers found in small-, medium- and large-town convenient corners all over The South, now mostly a memory with screen-the-flys and buy-a-permit-&-license food police proliferating like locusts to tame a true treasure to what’s on offer in the Winn-Dixie inside cardboard – forget the on-offer in-house St. Louis-style mostly plastic wrapped ribs in the store deli-misnamed-counter: they’re worse than the buck-o’ribs! also on offer. My favorite for years was the gas station cattey-corner to the Brevard County Courthouse in Titusville…now, even the courthouse a gone mystery. Titusville still the county seat but the gubbmint has moved lock, stock and no-barbecue barrel on the corner to fancypants Viera clogging the East bank of The Saint Johns formerly joyous river ’cause even there before you got to Lone Cabbage and some other fishcamps you could score some fine long-smoked and hot-sauced ribs to slide ‘twixt two sheets of pillow-soft wonder bread. Oh, my.)

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