“Pastor Self-Reaches His Preaches”

(March 5, 2019)

pastor self-preaches

lovinghate one day worse, next

a fat harbinger?*

*(Radio 840AM drivetime and Sunday Matinee – among others – Marty Braemer gets on a self-rant about why he was first to acknowledge Donald J. Trump as “The Man,” over all the other voices crowding the kilo- and mega-Hertz spectra. I’d rather a scintillating and illuminating sermon, or even an excursion through the fields of joy from fellow parishioners called also radio hosts with sharpened wit. So this one folds into the next, a sewing circle ex-telling the pleasures of pizza over counting sewn seeds of me-firsterisms, okay? Thanks, Marty B. Stick to spinnin’, preachin’ and reachin’ up behind ‘noxious heads with a fine and resoundingly applied back-head slap on our beloved liberal eedjuts, okay. Thanks. You still Numbah Won! Just let others shine up your brass instead of taking the time to tell us how good y’are. We already know.

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