Mud meant for walkin’/
Squirrels have little to offer (needs a good editor, Bruce?)/
Cold park? That’s when best!’/
All week we had radio and teevee fears of frigids falling uponus, so, ths morning I donned long jeans and even contemplated long boots with heavy wool socks…but I went out to ditch last night’s peelings in the compost sans long-sleeved heavy teeshirt after being warned so many times to wear hats and coats and gloves…so I stuck the heavy biker tee into the camera bag and off I trekked downtown to the biblioteca in my Wales’ Rugby Union heavy short-sleeved tee shirt. Get out there and own your sky, Bruce. Oahu spoiled you!. Loved the ‘ku, good sir.

too cold for the park
too muddy to go walking
even squirrels stay in

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