“Did Everyone’s Father?”

(Mrch 3, 2019)

did everyone’s dad

put on h is shroud at child’s* birth

his or perhaps outs?

*(Originally typed “child birth” in the second line. It read that way in the notebook…which explains the third line. Sometimes….and sometimes else comes to rescue my flopping foolish fingers. That’s a good dad. But did we all – especially me – battle and battle. He had no roadmap and the trip had more than just a few bumps. But he stuck it out. His girlfriend at his side and sometimes they battled as well: learned a buncha words that way. But my lasting impression is going past their house on 24th Place, coming in from Titusville en route to Pensacola and a football game in a few days so dad and I could murder some fish Wednesday and there he was in his glide rocker and there mom was in hers and they were holding hands and chattering away like teens. It really was all about them, even when they both volunteered to tame a trio of terrorists. Did a fair job on two of ’em, eh?)

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