“Gray Day’s Delivery?”

March 1, 2019)

gray day’s wet chill morn

prequel to a hoped fine rain

and perhaps a freeze?*

*(When a friend left on a one-week trip earlier this week I agreed to catch the mail and asked if all preparations for some – finally! – cool-to-cold weather were finished. “Cold?” As in freeze, I nudged. “She went to her university – the Apple of Her Eye and shot doubts back. “Hey,” I rejoindered: “I want a freeze if only to knock down the fleas and ticks I am sure to encounter next woods job.” I did not mention I feel shorted this Winter and have worn full Levi’s but twice so far – not even the same-made shirt and jacket, much less the fur-lined gloves, the fleece-lined London Fog overcoat nor the felt. I surl in late-Spring climes in February, even without the extra day to complain. She laughed and closed her ap(plication) – please! I am exhausted translating modernisms – and did a left-shoulder-only shrug, though the accompanying lateral head-bob added emphasis. Tuesday night or Wednesday we shall see.)

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