“For Breakfast”

(February 28, 2019)

for break-march first-fast

sau’teed’ talapia fillets

tartar sauce for lunch*

*(Broke down because I had no catfish in freezer and found three talapia fillets swearing at me in the cooler saying ‘two of us with some eggs and grits – you can add cheese if you must and make tartar sauce for one of us for lunch and fry-brown leftover cheese grits to go with some just-picked collards you been wantin’ to salivate over after a brief blanch and a quick hamefat saute.)

One thought on ““For Breakfast”

  1. I added this to the Facebook auto-insert: “I took a pre-half-baked gold potato and sliced it up for a quick fry-up ‘vice some ‘quiet-doggy’ with a nice big glass of cold milk. Banana starter just to keep it healthy.


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