“None Stopped” v-2

(February 19, 2019)

none stopped my boon

book, music, beer company

must mean more for me*

*(I left The Bose’s remote inside with The Machine, so the music stayed medium-loud, the book was still a-reading but willing to take a break; however, the beer was next-to-last and I was an unwilling congregant to offer to any but an adjudged tea-total come up the walkway. Besides, with Pastor Marty pushing Hungry Howey’s on Sission Road in Indian River City with Cool Ed awaiting his turn to fling The Story Lady upon my eager ear (but one works fully – or at least it so advertises, mostly correctly – I was in less-than-hospitable mood now that I knew there was but one Magnolia Square Market dopplebock Celebrator dark beer in the reefer awaiting my second chance. It’s not inhospitability but rationality: I had but one big, tick mug left in the freezer for my second beer. Sometimes dirty toes (originally typed “ties” and I rather liked that!) gained by alternating a five-chapter spurt with adding red-ruffle-top turnips and broccoli rabe seeds to the already laid down grape tomato seeds to my morning’s menu.)

2 thoughts on ““None Stopped” v-2

    • Luck is a careful crafting of prior preparation and – when applied to saving the second and last beer – a surly demeanor. Hi, Your Yassyship! I have three full loads to down-the-(or is it “up”?)hopper. and will be about slightly longer today. Lots to aggravate the occasional stop-by. Just acerbic-ized the ol’e wit with a cold pizza-n-brew breakfast.

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