“Truly, A Modern Conundrum” Tanka 2263 (Version 2)

let us consider

micturition: is it sport

if you write your name

and which style of penmanship

and must we ‘gender-divide’?*

*(The new managing editor of my last newspaper put up a poster on her office door. When I came, scratching and belching, out of my door I saw the signs-o’-th’-thymes and burped: “Oh, yeah, can you write your name in the sand with no hands?” The new cop-reporter – from from The University of Florida J-School (journalism major) plainted: “What?” I knew the battle long had been lost, but I pressed on: “failing sand, can you do your name in yellow ‘ink’ in the snow next time the opportunity presents?” He still had no clue. The new ME glared and Gayle Stormed her way deskward…or was it Loretta (Young…memory serves!)Whatshername on 1950s B&W TeeVee of which I watched but one episode? Not long after I left what the new breed was calling a profession and I had learned as a craft. Some girls, I suspect – and one I knew of who vouchsafed her skills at the men’s room stand-up – possibly can do workmanlike cursive…in either snow or sand. I will leave journalism in their capable whichevers.”

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