“Old Rock Metaphors” Tanka 2268

(February 14, 2019)

old-rock metaphors

easy to lead one astray

or, if stray, to me

both dogs, cats and crows trust* me

i’m much better after math

*(About the dogs and cats, no question: the crows know I give them first call over buzzards for roadkill and always have some special treats when they come by to winternest. And, since crows not only recognize our faces and they have been proved to pass on what they have learned to their progeny, it pays not to harass the smallest of the predator/scavenger meat-eater birds…that is if you do not count Bluejays. And you thought I was typing about other kinds of strays. For shame. They’re not strays: they just haven’t introduced themselves yet…and then I parade ’em past all three of my favorite panel for approval.)

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