“Parkland* Solution”

(February 14, 2019)

Parkland Solution:

fire school board, sheriff’s shebang:

prosecute bosses!

*(Parkland, a Broward County, Florida condition and community, was much in the news this time last year. It’s Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School was the scene of a massacre made possible by an American president whose administration foisted a policy of ignoring warning signs from not just troubled but provably dangerous youths, mostly black, who posed clear and present danger and were mandated to remain in school. Many school boards – including the Broward District – agreed and complied and hid the fact at least one student was a serious threat. The county’s Sheriff’s office knew of the miscreant, but compounded that lack of office fulfillment with a worse breach of public trust by standing outside the buildings where a lone gunman killed three school staff and 14 students, wounding a like number, before he walked off-campus and only was detained by a local community’s police department, which was en route after finally becoming aware of the shooting situation. The facts of mis- if not actual malfeasance by elected and appointed officials, including The Sheriff and the School Superintendent, and the County Commission which is charged with oversight of the Sheriff’s Office, are inarguable. Yet, until a new governor was elected the Parkland Massacre has been hiding under a public-office rug. The sheriff is perhaps most culpable and should not be in a position to resign (or be allowed such a privilege): he needs to be charged, tried, convicted and incarcerated and any vestiges of public emoluments for past “service” revoked. The deputies who cowed outside the building where innocent lives were lost, too, are culpable and should see the same process. The school board members – and staff who agreed without protest – the policy of allowing “troubled” youth to remain in a virtually unprotected environment all are to blame. A no-guns zone is nothing but a Free Pass to those with firearms – or any kind of weapon, and the most dangerous weapon of all is the sick mind driving – to do their worst. And perhaps the last outrage is the public’s fascination with such carnage and a Mass Media which points the wrong way almost every time and without exception. A statewide examination of School “Hardening” to prevent such from happening again in Florida is woeful, inadequate and at worst ignored. We shall see what kind of Man the new governor of Florida is. We shall see what kinds of 67 men – and I use the term generically – head up our counties’ school districts and, lastly, what kinds of voters each of those counties contain. I am not optimistic.)

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