“Big, Fat, Lazy…”

(February 12, 2019)

big, fat, lazy worm

nightcrawler in rain-soaked soil

takes to dry, rich home*

*(OK, moist, as opposed to sopping. Gonna make babies, soon in a neighborhood with bana peels, coffee – gleaned from donors – and tea grounds, egg shells ground fine, smorgasbord of vegetable peelings, scrapings and leaves and all kinds of garden waste which I appreciate and thusly try to accommodate my wriggly friends. Just filled a near-hundred gallon-and-more “buckets with fresh oak leaves and compost near the rim to await their tomatoes and peppers and other such seedlings currently wondering why I left them out “to harden” instead of lugging indoors with a one-night stand of high 40-degree Fahrenheit outdoor temperatures when I assiduously tied together two Vietnam-era poncho lines to double my sleeping insulation: what? me use a heater with temps above 35…indoors? You gotta be kidding my frugal beer-swilling miserly mean-spirited old sotted soul.)

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