“Pastor Marty* Takes Friday Break”

February 8, 2019)

nineteen-sixties rock

on the am radio

brit invasion theme

*(Pastor Marty, an ordained minister of The Gospel, now ensconced “in an anonymous grain elevator in northwest Ohio, spins 60s top-forty radio tunes on his Drive After Five once-a-week break from his usual passion of politics, social and pop commentary, with an occasion sermon thrown in, on Mims’ radio 840 AM WPGS. Marty is more than a gas. He’s (one of) God’s Gas. And he loves rock. That makes him special. Marty Braemer is worth the lookup on FB or You-Tube. You’ll figure it out. Or just tune in to WPGS or the many platforms he mostly is allowed to inhabit, though he does get sent to “Time Out” occasionally.)

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