“No-Tell Rake-Hell” Tanka 2260*

(February 8, 2019)

didn’t even rake

hell so well but I did spy

a no-brake twelve speed

hiding behind the big hedge

wait for a thief or owner

*(I had just broken the wooden handle on the Ace Hardware leaf-rake, but I did want to gauge the amount of ranking I would have to do with the bow rake, a pain, but I did want to add all those fallen oak leaves to the compost. I saw the bike a-crumpled into the hedge fronting the school across the street. I picked the bike – a nice newish 12-speed – and checked the front (some) and rear brake action (none at all). Pretty much convinced me the bike was stashed and most likely would be left as useless for a thief. An owner – especially with a parent – would come to the front door and ask. I had the bike camouflaged and not indoors. The best place to hide anything is right out in public pretending it’s a giraffe in a school play. If no one comes to ask it well might make some kid happy next Christmas after I readjust the cables to the brakes.)

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