Sanford’s Christina Hollerbach Reports

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(February 9, 2019)

By J Kirk Richards

I was standing in admiration of the obviously fresh produce at the Saturday Magnolia Square Downtown Market – the J & H Simple Living family farm still has to buy its fresh tomatoes – and other produce from a Plant City (70 or so miles down Interstate Four) farm and not the usual sad suspect, Lakeland’s Publix Grocery Store warehouse – John Pellerin explains.  “Our own produce just isn’t ready yet.”  His wife Hilda was fussin’ the last measures on the produce side of their big tent back near 2nd Street (far from the former veggie stand on First Street, now seemingly gladly gone).  The side of the J & H operation nearest 2nd Street is occupied with condiments of all kinds and a display of tempting farm-fresh eggs.  John was – and rightly so – so proud of his two-months (said Hilda)…

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