“The Deafening Silence” Tanka 2257

(February 6, 2019)

when half ‘that house’

sat stone-faced as abortion

was up my heart froze*

a baby born denied life

and neither ‘house’ cries not ‘stop?’

*(Did not watch, but as I listened to that part of the State of The Union speech the description of those in attendance on The House floor was more than enough to make me glad I did not see – nor subject myself to see – nor hear commentators’ comments, bland though they might have been on the non-reaction from too many representatives and senators who just closed their minds to murder. Some say it’s a woman’s right to choose. Others ask at which point does The Baby’s right to choose enter the “operating” theater. At what point does a mother’s right to abortion become a matter of how best to approach the matter. With recent state legislators and governors’ decision on late- and post-third term “abortions” and after-birth “abortions” we all know how, now.)

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