“Mistake Many Make”

(February 5, 2019)

mistake many make:

expect entertain* “heroes”

to be whom they “act”

*(Entertainment figures, and politicians especially, are indicated as “believe-me” types all too often until they are caught doing – being – differently. We all should (there’s that wonderful word again – hold out both hands, one with cow flop and the other with “should” – and see which draws the most flies: often it’s a tie) know better by now. But, if you might recall, there were Inuit boys in the far North who were convinced they would be around next episode after the drove a souped-up late 70s version of The General over a ramp to attempt to cross a canal or a patch of icy water because they saw the same bad buys and heroes come back the following week on TeeVee time and time again in adventure and crime shows. And we have raised hordes of generations of young people with television – and now politicians as well – telling them to do what they will: there are no consequences to their actions. I know, I am one of the lucky ones who believed and did not have to pay the final tab.)


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