“Hate ‘The Rich’?”

(February 5, 2019)

people do not hate

‘the rich;’ they hate themselves

for not being so*

*(Being born rich – comfortable, the rich say – is no bed of roses. Check the stats. Wealth in America is ephemeral. One generation’s accumulated wealth does not necessarily survive being passed on. And we find many – if not most – people who accumulate great wealth came themselves from a relative unwealthy position themselves. The turnover among th4e wealthy is quite high, in fact. Despite one-time recently high taxation, even higher than now with is damned high already, accumulating wealth to pass on is a chancy proposition at best. Hiding up to half or more property from The Taxman come deathtime keeps a goodly number of accountants and lawyers happy. Those who say they hate the rich more likely hate themselves for not so being born into the Spending Class themselves. Schooling, thrift, hard work, wise decisions about what to do with whatever money you make is the way to wealth – plus, some say, a nature of giving to others finds rewards and opportunities for even further enrichment. But it does not include a Black Amex Card or a buncha high-limit Visas and MasterCards. Those are traps. Pay cash, save and invest and be generous with time, talents and wealth and watch them return.)

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