“Twice – No, Thrice – ‘Round The Pantry”

(February 2, 2019)

having discovered

The AWOL popcorn,

other chores* excused.

*(Finally, on the third trip through the possible landing sites both in and outside those areas normally (ha!) convinced are called pantry places, I looked behind the canisters of rice and beans and suchlike and spy that final bag of popping corn – not that horrid abomination called jiffy- or ready- or worse micro-pop. I put it next to the sacred chalice all of hard aluminum-cored stainless steel above the special ‘lectrical two-burner side-range – of course the smaller one is for a butter-melter) in readiness for Sunday’s special year-end service. I retire outside with a book-n-beer in each hand to the rocking chair, the front door disinclined to close completely to make ready the turned-up-all-the-way radio oldies rock station Saturday morning. Chores? What chores? I ain’t got no Stinkin’ Chores!)

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