“Spanish Moss*”

(February 3, 2019)

trees wild in the wind

blood-witch moon tresses pennants

calls apocrypha

*(Not to be mistaken with former stellar-but-troubled – by himself mostly – professional football wide receiver Randy Moss whose scattered career might well be taken for wind-blown Live Oak tree adornments, the Winter windstorms drape Sanford, Florida’s downtown and else yards with aerial flotsam and jetsam twigs, branches and long and sometimes bulky ghostly deflated balloon-shapes from Spanish Moss which in days past were a source of income for local poor who toiled in the bedding industry. I never found out the hows – or even whys – such epyphitic stuff (post-pun alert) was used in that segment of the furniture industry. I use moss windfall to line my compost bins – and sometimes layer the middle zones with leaves and moss if I plan to keep the work going for long enough, say four-to-six months. Mossy additions also make hauling the 55-gallon bins easier on old muscles and even older skeletal parts.)

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