(February 3, 2019)

surrey-topped ‘lectric

ride* – boombox speakers on high

owns the whole damn street!

*(The electric “chair” runs right down the middle of the main arterial leading to Goldsboro directly – 18th Street – rushing I gather to grab some more cancer on offer from the French Avenue gas-ahol station. It’s not the music so much as the daring “take my half from the middle” approach to this trekking lawsuit-collector’s approach to life-on-the-low-road to which I find as gravel in my shorts. It is a tricked – or is “pimped” ‘propriate now-a-minutes? This semi-fictionalized account: was the occupant smoking? Seems to me. All else – including the destination – accurate so far as I could observe. Does that indicate my opprobrium: damn betcha!)

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