Q&A with Poet Stephanie L. Harper (Part 2)

The only un-qualm (or perhaps I missed that moment as my eyes feasted and my mouse kept twittering “this is so far past merely good” I failed to find the third answer to the tripartite query: three fave poets, admirable animal and go-to beverage. Well, now, I see my petard has been cleaned and sharpened and is ready for me now: finally rescanned and found The Coffee Confession, and thus a re-reading of that Amazing Animal vignette. I could see and hear and small the play of life-and-death, defeat and victory, revenge and recovery and wonder yet again and again why we two-footed goofs continue to insist we are not animals ourselves. For me, finally achieving animal-hood after fluctuating from amoeba to sponge and back at least thrice just this past morning, makes me want to unlimber the ol’e spine and roar. But gleefully. This interview helps.

O at the Edges

I’m pleased to present part 2 of the Q&A with poet Stephanie L. Harper:

If you were a poetic form, which would you be?

I would be a poetic form that could seep down into darkness, molecule by molecule, through miles of porous rock, to return to the wellspring, then rise again to the surface, and wash over the grief-stricken with the all immensity of love and joy in my depths. I’m pretty sure that would make me an elegy.

What themes or traits will readers find in your work? What will they not find?

My work is chock full of mythological creatures, archetypal symbolism, and nature imagery (i.e., birds, seascapes, wolves, forests, volcanoes). It touches often on spirituality (and/or religiosity), sometimes alludes to current events (and associated dismay), and has an overall feminist and philosophical bent. My love for and awe of my children shows up a lot, too…

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