“How To Lose A Job”

(February 2, 2019)

nuclear sub boss

lost his boat one fine day when

mizz futch* danced to fame

*(“Cat” Cathy Susan Futch, whom I recall from then-Titusville local wags as being “one of their own” wrangled an invitation onto SSN 670(?), the Finback, the second such American Naval (attack) submarine and danced on the sail of said boat at Port Canaveral. The scandal was teapot sized tempest and did not have the throw-weight of the more roundly condemned later Tailhook Scandal of Naval-and-Marine Corps aviation at a San Diego seaside hotel which had been hosting ever-expanding alcohol-fueled licentious behavior since perhaps the middle of the last century. Now, naval aviation – and presumably submariner affairs – are kept a more-manageable 100 miles from the base flagpoles as the indiscretion mantras allow. My facebook page – richwrapper or jkirkrichards – for today has a rather tame image of the estimable young lady with avenues to the rest of the-late Paul Harvey’s story.)

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