“Call It J-Pride”

(February 1, 2019)

I don’t go Disney

and I do not like* red-shirts

but that ‘afore you!

*(Some NPR mention of Gay Pride’s fixation on Disney acceptance and in fact courting and celebrating the red-teeshirt wearing of a special day – of is it a week now? – of doing Disney World and one suspects Land as well in the off-season. I had access to Disney’s may themes for decades – from my dad and from a friend from high school who was upper-muck in public relations and for a near-decade I toiled as a newspaper type – but I demurred. Any place located at the edge of a Central Florida large-assed swamp and no one gets mosquito-bit – and I have sources outside my family who clued me in as to why – and more importantly only an EGA as my friend Carlos puts it and I just say busted basketball upon which is perched a plucked turkey with a bent rusty screw driven through the ball would get me willingly to wear a red tee shirt at any time of the year. Besides, I used to wear, deliberately, green shirts on Thursdays in high school even after I was told it symbolized agreement with one Ned Reed (or was it Reid) whom I found out a decade or so ago actually was a University of Florida activist for the environment and became noted as a conservationist, though the rumor sweeping Seminole High School in Sanford in those days was that he was gay. Gay? Whassat? And when I was told I was monumentally unimpressed. And still wore green sometimes on Thursdays. But I hated then and do still the color red. Clashes with – or at least used to – with my eyes.)