An old stalking (military, hunting and gathering tactic: define your environment – what it is for which you look – by the outline it casts amidst all else. The camouflage we put on in the midst of a “hide” appears why you quit looking directly at it and cast your gaze at its surrounds. A quiet sit-and-watch reveals not just the appearance people give off when disappointed in their “just returns,” but also in the observer and what appeals or repels them in their watchfulness.


Pay attention to their actions ..and you can learn alot about people ,when they don’t get what they want.

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Bruce Jewett’s conundrum – he is devoted to grandson and cats and I know which came first – and answered his query third-line thusly: because, good sir, you see not a rat-in-training but a flashback to an earlier celluloid time when the smartermaouse led the tall cat about by its easy nose and thus you do cheer most quietly the exploits of your tormentercats but softly with a small shiver of sympathy for one poor city cousin. What a wonderful endline. I must steal one bright or gloomed day.

cats play with a mouse
why do my sympathies shift

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Bruce finally knoticing his owners have a better deal than he? According to my cat- and dog-friends it all is as it must. His barbs are concise and well-pointed and sharp. But how can any enterprise in The Socialist Soviet State of Kalifornithem be set free? Go, brother, hit the mine shaft yet again, they cats’ supply of ‘nip’ shrings.

pets better insured
than my free enterprise ass
β€˜tis of thee I sing

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