“Counting Leaves & Roots”

(January 28, 2019)

each and every day

is the best one yet

above or below*

*(Sometimes I find myself eagerly curious as to how the counting of grass roots compares with the counting of grass leaves. But then the wind stirs some leaves above and I go for a nice fly. Ptoowie! Some of them fly-leaves actually have wings and are not related to the “raisins” I had in my days-old rice-n-raisins supper I shared with a Vietnamese farm family once during a big monsoon “blow” and we few Marines were cut off. We our C-Rations – the kids and mom and dad and grandma too all got a taste of C-Ration chocolate and agreed with us “it could have been better but when you’re poor, tired, wet, hungry and seemingly all alone, beats nothin’ else. I even broke out my emergency can of Turkey Ala King and Sloppy Joes. I even got to tolerate nouc mam – the homemade kind which comes out of a barrel. Puts hair on your hair, knowwhadimean?)

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