“Concerning Futures”

(January 28, 2019)

Concerning futures,

I suggest painting present

employs brushes better*

*(“employs brushes ‘best'” a value judgment I am not prepared to make just yet. I haven’t met all available bushes. Steel undersides of concrete bridge overpasses and accompanying abutments. Pay a fee for a month or year’s term to the state, city or county road maintenance fund and upon submitting a proposed piece of art you get to own a piece of future passing motorists, hitchlurkers and work crews’ attention. A premium paid for the scalps of political cartoonists…but the clever ones who get past the censors will have to pony up double the rate when found out.)

7 thoughts on ““Concerning Futures”

    • Now, I enter the Shehanne-Realm of does-guessing. And all I was after was a method of monetizing monkey-shining of the spray-can variety of dead Dutch aftists. Was M.C. Escher Dutch? But some of his abstracts might cause major collisions highwayward, so I guess that option will require extra sur- and perhaps madam-charges.

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    • Ergo cogito righto? For an old and oft-headkicked hooker cum scrumhalf I believe my two remaining braincells long have been used to racking as if they were fine wine rotated by quarter-turns to keep the lees located. That Lees family is all-too-familiar. Thanks Shehannemoore for the “right” thoughts. MC hisownself on an interstate (analagous to an M-designated highway I believe) overpass well might be viewed as graffito and covered. I prefer his work on tee shirts worn to the lobbies of staid hotels.

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    • Awww…I did not say they were small brain cells, but some have averred maybe they should be locked behind bars in tougher cells than what I had proposed in moderation thereof for half-vast offenses against common sense and good order. If I left my pantry in “good order” never would I have taken three trips through to locate the Sunday Popcorn and thus upon accomplishing the search, frantic though it was, I rewarded myself with the rest of the afternoon and all night out-of-cell and told both ‘twixt-ear cells to take the night off. Me? I found a third beer hiding in the reefer and broke a never-clad rule of but two-a-day whilst watching fake rugby played in Atlanta before throngs and bad songs at halftime. Thank you, Shehanne: I appreciate your positive spin on my wordslingin’ and will try to down-hold the smirk which seems ever desirous of showing those two above bits of protoplasm I is all right and a smiling lady so says! I’s vindicated! Or at least Vitrified.

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