“Big Salad Supper”

(January 28, 2019)

big salad supper

with a great black bread as sop*

‘morrow chops and spuds

*(To get those stubborn salad-bits out of the bowl and if you’ve never used navel orange juice (from the shaved-down peelings) and added segments of same into the vinaigrette you just do not know how delightful a salad-sop chunk of any kind of good-to-great bread can be. Go ‘head ‘stead of peel-n-eat take the rind of a heavy and succulent navel off and squeeze the remaining orange explosions into your bowl and either cut off rings or do the segment thingee and toss in right beside some nice crispy cucumber sections to fight-it-out with the bell peppers and celery and radishes and most anything else you got screaming to be let out of the ‘fridge. I’m partial to baby kale and red-ruffled turnip tips, snow peas – blanched or still naked – carrot shavings: use a veg peeler into long strips and then chop to desired length…the long spaghittish ones can be garniture if you are polite and use a shallow salad bowl. Dry-cure black olives – after you pit ’em – can be chopped and of course in season pomegranite seeds with extra juice just the thing. Two or five different lettuces and a shaving or nineteen of red cabbage, thin or if you must a little thicker and left to wilt in a light vinegtar-sugar bath. Protein? But of course! Chicken, fish, port, steak from a sad cow looking for a tooth to ‘preciate its special at-worst medium-rareness. A hard cooked egg. Now, you’re cookin’!)

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