“Who Told Me?”

(January 26, 2019)

who told me these rotes

rules from madmen grammar cops

wanna say my thanks

*(‘Specially the ones about split infinitives and participles a-dangle and lost modifiers. Such a long list and I love those ladies dearly: each taught diagramming before rote rules but they got stuck in there sideways it seems, though Aunt Dot (Dorothy Morrison) finally did impress me with “Can’t – or Don’t – Hardly… and Couldn’t Care Less.” Thanks, ladies. Never knew but one male English teacher and he was Macke Blythe’s basketball coach replacement, Joe Washington: got a reputation as a mean thrower of blackboard erasers at certain scofflaws in his classroom. Storm told me ’bout it. I had to deal with master mathematician Archie Canon who had a way with scofflaw boys’ shirtfronts as lifting apparatus when his usually pale countenance turned bright orange and then beet red. Caught Ms. Allen reading Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22” my sophomore year at Seminole High in Sanford, Florida. Sotto voced to her: “sometimes I feel like Major Major and want to crawl out a window when someones (actual deliberate pluralization there) keep calling.” – I quick edited myself and said that instead of remarking about Natale’s(sp?) Whore. One final aside: why has almost every sisngle SHS basketball coach on the boys’ side been fired within a year or two of winning a district championship? Began with perhaps the finest educator I met while in Sanford schools – and I’ve been blessed with a bunch – William P. (Bud) Layer. He taught our ninth grade boys class how to march and follow orders…and said – back in 1962-63 We’d most all need to know how to do both.)

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