“Tomorrow’s Storms”

(January 23, 2019)

tomorrow’s storm-front

cheated with a grey bluster

agitates the lake*

*(Four-mile wide Lake Monroe – 11 miles long along the East-West axis – has this impenetrable line of showers hanging just about mid-lake where The Saint Johns River wends its way northward from Lake Hell-n-Blazes (modified for gentler ears to Hellen Blazes some few decades ago) to Jacksonville. For an hour the gustfront never arrived and only after I left my luncheon perch – apple and dry-oatring cereal – did I see evidence of rain-spurts on sidewalks and parking lots. Glad I watered the garden(s) Monday. We are expecting another strong cold front Thursday and rain is likely from morning to morning with thunder possible in Thursday evening. I hope old man roars-a-lot brings his buddy muchrain.)

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